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Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Lucas Haupt
Album Art / CD / Vinyl layout designed by Mikey Giardina

The Calm Before is:
Austin Hartline
Andrew Smith
Jacob Venditti
Mathew Meifert
Richard Kasbee

I Made You Myself is:
Bret Bennette
Brian Halicki
Jason De Leon
Lucas Haupt
Patrick Greenwood


released February 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Bridal Horse Records Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Able Bodied (The Calm Before)
I'd leave the words out to read if there were anything to see. I'd walk the open path if there was a place to drag my feet. There's still to be so much, so much to feel from the touch of your sweating hands.

I won't believe in sleep, because all I can see are dreams. A vision of two, branded to the weary eyes of the concrete. Still, nothing ever happens. My friend, I've forgotten your name.

Fall came around and left my days in rain. A profound tide. Left the pressure in my throat all too high.

Putting off everyone Putting off everything Finding your fortress in another's words. While I lay here and hate everything I've heard

Recovery may come easy to some; but me not so much. I can't remember a time where I was good at something. And we wonder why we lay in bed above the darkened streets; completely crazed by thoughts of me peeling at the seems. There's too much weight to carry in this worthless body. I'm getting worse. You built up a playwright and you're the lead role, but all you know is what you wrote.

Today my closed hands cant hold enough Always looking for solid ground to spin upon
Track Name: Godfrey (I Made You Myself)
My god, we've planted our wishes and soon they'll grow into belief.
We've waited for too long.
We're too old to watch it all die at our feet.
I still don't feel you. We've grown without.
A man once said to me,
“Its scars likes these that show how much he loves us.”
It's good to be alive.
Thank the lord we’re fine.
I guess it's just a sign that tells us we can thrive as long as we believe.
Put your ears to the ground and listen for his answer to all things living and failing all around us.
A man once begged for me to let him bleed,
to let him test his word.
I watched his essence lessen.
By the grace of god, we'll writhe in pain and question where you are.
Thank the stars for showing me there's nothing to believe.
Prove to me you've felt this once before.
Liar, you have shown.
Watch your grace become something so old.
Promise, you will fold.
Track Name: Deville (I Made You Myself)
Words sit, old print, pressed on fresh pages.
From machine to machine.
Nonsense expressed and it still keeps selling.
Hungry, never filling.
Bruised, never healing.
This affection holds conditions.
Cleanse this body inside out.
Pulling each tooth from the root.
A small price to pay for my questions,
but who says the truth lies in houses built by man.
God represented by collars unconvincing.
They wonder why I'm suffering.
Grace through my ears and this feels like nothing to me.
It took so long for this to show.
Show your skin for who you are.
They can bound my hands and carve my throat.
Burn the books and pile the ashes.
Leave the child to drown in it.
Pray my soul stays in my body.
You'll never hurt again.
You're through with working these tricks up your sleeve.
(Devil in me, devil in me)
Your word is burning, disturbing our peace.
(It's disbelief , it's disbelief)
Bury your cross in your coffin to see.
(Everyone bleeds, everyone bleeds)
We've been alive in defeat.
Devil in me.
It's disbelief.
Everyone bleeds.
Let go of me.